Molecular modeling

at the service of your R&D

The modeling solutions offered by InSiliBio will allow you to accelerate your research and to know the behavior of your assets at the atomic scale. Our teams of researchers will work alongside you, accompanying you throughout your research program.


A team of expert researchers

With our team of researchers specialized in molecular modeling, we can assist you with your R&D program, right up to the publication of an article or a patent.

After the scientific expertise, project popularization is generally necessary to explain and defend your projects.


Scientific and graphic communication

InSiliBio’s team of graphic designers will accompany you in this step with a communication that is both scientific and educational.

Less costly

than experimental procedures. 

Less costly than experimental procedures. The use of high-performance calculations allows us to dispense with large laboratory infrastructures. Automation and optimisation of our methods are ways of reducing our costs without loss of reliability.


than experimental procedures

Faster than experimental procedures. InSiliBio has its own computing power. It deploys it as needed for its clients to obtain answers generally much faster than in traditional experimentation. The greater the number of molecules to be studied, the more efficient InSiliBio’s algorithms will be in terms of time saving.


calculations of physico-chemical descriptors

Reliable calculations of physico-chemical descriptors. InSiliBio’s experience is based on more than 15 years of academic research correlating experimental and theoretical research. In addition, the atomic scale studies carried out by InSiliBio allow a resolution and reliability almost impossible to match experimentally.


100% numerical solutions

InSiliBio’s methods are free of any ethical constraints and even make it possible to reduce all or part of animal experimentation. By acting upstream of the experimental studies, InSiliBio will accompany you and guide your R&D by avoiding many unnecessary studies. We cannot make any conclusions on the regulatory aspects but we will give you valuable guidance.
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