Step 5

Demonstrated results and rendering

"Whatever we conceive well we express clearly, and words flow with ease." (Boileau)

Unravel the problematic and picture it at the atomic scale

After verification of adequate endings of our simulations  (e.g., enough sampling), we will evaluate the different interactions and properties occurring. We can then tackle the following questions: how does the xenobiotic(s) partition in the system with a lipid bilayer? What are the positions and orientations of the xenobiotic(s)? Why is it partitioning that way? What is the impact of the lipids on the xenobiotic(s) and vice versa? We will answer such questions and more based on the needs and give scientific insights on the molecular processes. We will also provide amazing visualizations of the processes of interest for scientific and/or marketing purposes. With our simulations we can help you for scientific publications as well as patents.

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