Maxime Jouaud

Chief Executive Officer

Doctor in Neurosciences and Master 2 in Management and Business Administration.

Maxime is in charge of business development and representation of the company to the different public and private actors that gravitate around InSiliBio.

Benjamin Chantemargue

Scientific Director

D. in molecular modeling from the University of Limoges and Ph.D. in theoretical chemistry from the University of Palacky in the Czech Republic.

Benjamin is the scientific director of InSiliBio. His skills allow him to lead InSiliBio’s internal research team and to design R&D programs in collaboration with customers.

Marving Martin

PhD student, CIFRE

Doctorate in Pharmacy (Limoges) and Master in Drug Design In Silico (Paris).

Marving is in charge of the research and development of the company’s new « InSiliSkin » service through a university research thesis in partnership with the INSERM P&T laboratory in Limoges.

Mehdi Benmameri

R&D Engineer

Doctor in Computational Chemistry
, Master 1 and 2 Drug Design and Doctor of Pharmacy.

Mehdi is involved in the realization of the research projects by using molecular modeling techniques. Mehdi is involved in the use of molecular modeling techniques. (molecular dynamics, development of adapted computer tools to provide an adequate analysis and a reliable description of the studied molecular process)

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Marie benedicte Jouaud

Administrative Manager

Master in microbiology / in the course of training for a degree in accounting, finance and management

Marie – Bénédicte is in charge of the administrative and regulatory tasks of the company. At the end of her training, she will supervise the accounting and management of the company.

Rémi Villeneuve

Artistic Director

Master of motion design at the multimedia school and training in 3D modeling.

Rémi is in charge of InSiliBio’s external and internal communication, its social networks, its website. He is also in charge of the realization of educational videos in 3D.

Thomas Benitez

Communication officer

Work-study student in Professional Licence Interactive Media and Mixed Immersive Applications

Thomas works with Rémi on the realization of the educational videos in 3D as well as the publication of the posts on the social networks and the update of the website contents.

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